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Bug reporting for JM H.264/AVC Reference Software


Bugs and missing features are now tracked using a Mantis bug tracking system. Reports can be viewed without logging into the system. For reporting problems and keeping track of your reports you can easily create an account for yourself.


Bug report rules


Before reporting new bugs, please check the following simple rules:

  • Search the database for previous reports of the issue. If the problem was reported before, but you have additional information, add the information to the original report.
  • Specify if the problem is related to the encoder, decoder or both.
  • Specify which version you are using.
  • Try to be as precise as possible.
  • Describe the necessary steps to reproduce the problem.
  • Provide the configuration files you are using.
  • Use the language of the standard when referencing the text description.
  • After filing the report, check if you are being requested to provide more or other informations.

Usage instructions


The mantis user interface is pretty clear and simple to use. If you have problems with the usage, check the Mantis manual.

I don't think that we need project specific usage instructions here. Send me an email if you encounter any problems.




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